Multi-Standard - Mineral reference solution for test kits

Product description


Reagents in test kits can lose their effectiveness and accuracy over time due to unfavourable storage conditions, high or low temperature and through exposure to oxygen. This can then lead to incorrect results. The respective tests should therefore be checked against a stable standard on a regular basis.

Tropic Marin® Multi-Standard is a solution, produced in the laboratory, and tested by means of ICP-OES. The solution is made with measured concentrations of calcium, magnesium, potassium and KH/ alkalinity. It can be used to check the accuracy of test kits for those parameters and to calculate a correction factor, if the test kit is found to have a variance.


  • A simple check of the functionality and accuracy of seawater tests
  • Just one standard to check the accuracy of several tests (calcium, magnesium, potassium and KH)
  • Works with all common tests available on the market
  • The test can continue to be used by calculating a correction factor.


Tropic Marin® Multi-Standard contains Calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride



Application and dosage


1. Perform the measurement in accordance with the respective test instruction. This mineral reference solution replaces the water sample from the aquarium. Remove the necessary mineral reference solution liquid from the dosing chamber of the bottle with the dosing tool from your test (usually a syringe). Compare the result of your measurement (“measured value”) with the ICP-OES value (“target value”) for the relevant parameter indicated on the bottle. If the values match, the test is OK and you need take no further action.

2. If the values do not match, you can determine a correction factor for the test as follows: Correction factor = target value / measured value. Future results from your aquarium sample measurements must be multiplied by this correction factor.

Repeat the check of your test kits on a regular basis, e.g. every 2–4 weeks.



Other product recommendations

We recommend using Tropic Marin® NP-Standard to check nutrient tests.

Tropic Marin® offers a wide range of test kits with a very high degree of accuracy.