CARBON - Activated carbon to combat yellow matter and harmful substances

Product description

Yellow matter and harmful substances have an adverse effect on the conditions in an aquarium. The water needs to be free of yellow matter if the light is to be allowed to penetrate unfiltered to the corals, plants and fish and bring out their natural colours.  

Tropic Marin® CARBON is a highly efficient activated carbon with a powerful capacity for adsorbing yellow matter and harmful substances without releasing excessive amounts of phosphate and silicate. After just a short period of use a clear improvement can be seen in the water thanks to the removal of yellowing substances and pollutants. Aquarium inhabitants benefit from the improved amount of light and are restored to their natural colours. Appropriate for saltwater and freshwater aquaria.


  • Highly efficient activated carbon to combat yellow matter and harmful substances
  • Powerful capacity for adsorbing substances  
  • For an optimum light availability in the aquarium
  • Corals, plants and fish and bring out their natural colours
  • Suitable for any aquarium stocking in freshwater and saltwater tanks


Tropic Marin® CARBON contains granulated activated carbon.

Application and dosage

400 g/14 oz. of Tropic Marin® CARBON are sufficient for 800 l/210 US-gal. of aquarium water. For continuous use of activated carbon we recommend filtering approximately 1% of the tank volume per hour through Tropic Marin® CARBON. Experience has shown that it is advisable to change the activated carbon after no more than 8 weeks.

Alternatively Tropic Marin® CARBON can, if necessary (for example after application of medications), be run through a rapid-flow filter over 1 to 3 days.

Other product recommendations

For a sustainable and effective removal of yellow matter, we recommend the innovative slow filter system ELIMI-CONTROL CARBON by Tropic Marin®. The filter set includes a pump with drain hose and restrictor valve and a cartridge filled with the highly effective activated carbon Tropic Marin® CARBON. The one-way-cartridge can be replaced easy, clean and quickly. Also available as a phosphate adsorber.

The very accurate, straightforward Tropic Marin® Water Tests are ideal for checking the quality of the water and the essential parameters.