Tropic Marin Elimi-Phos / Elimi-Phos Longlife

Elimi-Phos / Elimi-Phos Longlife - Highly effective granules for the removal of phosphates in aquaria

Product description

Phosphates and yellowing substances are not welcome in the aquarium due to their high content. Enduring success is only achieved where concentrations of these two substance groups are kept low. For example, in coral reef aquariums phosphate values of 0.05 mg/l or less should be targeted for good growth and full coloration of stony corals. 

Tropic Marin® Elimi-Phos and Elimi-Phos Longlife are highly effective granules in practical Quick & Clean filter bags for removing both phosphates and other organic pollutants in freshwater and saltwater aquaria. Phosphates become so strongly bonded to the granules that it will never be released, even after the full absorption capacity of the granules is reached. In addition to the effective removal of phosphates, Elimi-Phos and Elimi-Phos Longlife take the place of activated carbon and will improve the general water quality in the aquarium. After a short time growth conditions for invertebrates are improved significantly and undesirable algae growth is restricted.

The Elimi-Phos granulate, based on aluminum oxide, is characterized by a quickly and efficient reduction of phosphates. The special granulate Elimi-Phos Longlife, based on iron hydroxide, keeps its phosphate removing properties over an especially long period. Optimal grain size of the special granules ensures easy, clean handling without bleeding in the aquarium.


  • For the removal of phosphates and other organic pollutants in aquaria
  • Prevent unwanted algae growth
  • Elimi-Phos granules are made of aluminum oxide
  • Elimi-Phos Longlife consists of pure, dry iron-hydroxide granules for the extra-long removal of phosphates
  • Practical Quick & Clean filter bags for a simple and clean handling
  • Suitable for filter systems or hanging free into the tank
  • Phosphates become strongly bonded to the granules that it will never be released
  • Improve the growth conditions of corals and other organisms
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquaria


Tropic Marin® Elimi-Phos granules are made of aluminum oxide.

Tropic Marin® Elimi-Phos Longlife consists of pure, dry iron-hydroxide granules.

Application & dosage

Place 100 g/3.5 oz. of Elimi-Phos or Elimi-Phos Longlife per 200 l/50 US-gal. of total aquarium system water volume into the tank and position it in the filter or other area of strong water circulation. It is always a good idea to make any changes in your aquarium environment slowly.

If the organic load of the aquarium is very high, start with 100 g/3.5 oz. Elimi-Phos or Elimi-Phos Longlife per 500 l/130 US-gal. of system volume and slowly increase to the above recommended maximum. This will give your more delicate plants and animals a gradual introduction to the positive change in water quality. In order to ensure the best possible performance of the granules, it should be mixed up and rinsed briefly under running water once a week.

The Quick & Clean filter bags can remain in the aquarium even after its absorption capacity has been reached. When the phosphate level in the aquarium starts to increase again, repeat the above procedure with new granules. Tropic Marin® still recommends periodic water changes in the aquarium to prevent the built up of undesirable compounds. Regular use of Elimi-Phos or Elimi-Phos Longlife will also help to maintain the highest level of water quality in your aquarium.

Further product recommendations

To reduce very quickly strongly increased phosphate values, we recommend Tropic Marin® Elimi-Phos Rapid, a highly-effective solution based on lanthanum which binds phosphates rapidly and eliminates it from the water. As a result, the phosphate concentration is reduced within a very short time to a range between 0.2-0.4 mg /l (ppm).

To closely monitor the phosphate level in your aquarium, we recommend using Tropic Marin® Phosphate-Test Professional which will indicate phosphate levels even as low as 0.01 mg/l (ppm).